Ellen Bobruff-Reese, MSW, LCSW, BCD, NASW Diplomate

  • Certified in Family Therapy by Housatonic Adolescent Hospital 1979
  • Certified by IMAGO Institute of Relationship Therapy 1990
  • Certified by Institute of Drug and Alcohol Studies 1982
  • Certified in Coaching by the GROW Training Institute in 2002
  • Certified in the Nurtured Heart Approach by the Success Foundation 2006
  • Connecticut License # 001033
  • Connecticut School Social Worker License # 047-42-5203


As endorsed by Oprah
"Common Sense Tools To Solve Long Standing Problems"
* Inspiring * Guiding * Challenging *


Over 30 years of experience, role playing, hypnotherapy, relationship therapy, stress management, OCD, Crisis Intervention, Mental Illness Diagnosis, ACOA, Drug and Alcohol Diagnosis and Treatment, Anxiety and Depression Disorders and Treatment, Anger management, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, OCD Diagnosis and treatment, spiritual growth.

For those suffering from Anxiety Disorders, including OCD, Post-traumatic Stress, and Panic Attacks, I am able to help the client understand and recognize how to prevent an attack as well as techniques to alleviate them quickly. I have studied many modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, stress management, and hypnotherapy to name just a few, which in combination are quite helpful not only with Anxiety, Depression as well as those who are generally feeling stuck and dissatisfied in their lives.

If something seems missing from your life or a relationship, or life is painful, I can help you regain a sense of passion and find new meaning and purpose in your life. After first listening to your hopes, fears and your pain, I will give you active feedback about where you are stuck and specific tools that will help you remove obstacles so you can begin the healing process. As you see options you haven’t seen before, you find passion, challenges, and excitement, where before you saw pain, problems, and stress.

I have a cozy office that is conveniently located between Hartford and West Hartford, with easy access to I-84.